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Energy drinks = Evil

I am fourteen years old. I went out last saturday, and went into Poundland. And I bought 4 cans of energy drink for £1. At around 11:30am on that day I drank a can. Later on me and my mum had to go to Newtown, so it was about an hours drive there. So on the way back I drank the 3 cans that were left over. I didnt think anything of it really. But like 2 hours later I felt really weird.. My face was like a beatroot,,.. seriously (!) and I had a temperature. Didnt wanna eat anything for dinner. My eyes went all funny. I sat there at the kitchen table with my mum and her boyfriend. I was staring blankly (this really creeped mums boyfriend out). I went to bed around10:30, thinking id be better in the morning. My boyfriend phoned and we chatted for about 2 hours. My body was aching. Managed to go to sleep at wround 1am.
The next day i went to school, still feeling ill. I then had to cans of energy drink after school. My temp rose to about 41digrees..
Its tuesday now and i feel really bad still. Also im getting tonsilitus. NOT pleasent. But i think the energy drink was even more unpleasent.

Be careful with the amount. It may sound silly but overdosing on caffine can cause damage!


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