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dumb and proud of it.

yep, that's you. whenever someone starts talking about "us americans" then i know right away that i am dealing with a bigoted, moronic, flag waving, bible thumping hypocrite. you've got to be one gd dumb mother &^($er if you never look up information about anything you have no knowledge of.  but wait, you did attempt to look up coffee brew temps didn't you so i guess you just don't want to learn about anything "unamerican".  still makes you one dumb ass mfer. for your information decimal and centigrade will be the american  standard in a few years.  if you were still alive what would you say  then? even now, all measurements in science, medicine, electronics, engineering, etc. etc. are in your so called unamerican systems.  look on the next box of fruit loops or bag of potato chips you buy.  you are soon to be extinct, like the dinosaur.  and good riddance. Oh, and there is no way you write any thing technical unless it is the shade tree mechanic section of your local hick town paper where your favorite response to questions about problems on newer vehicles is "we don't work on no cars with stinkin' computers in them".  plus, if you do these conversions on a daily basis then you would not have had to go anywhere to convert Celsius,.  You could have done it off the top of you head, or at least worked it out in a couple seconds with a pencil and paper.   you must take most people that can read and think even a little for idiots. technical writer my ass.   P.S. for your information the author did convert C to F.  right there in the text right after the centigrade temp.  maybe you didn't  know that F stood for fahrenheit mr. technical writer.


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