Caffeine and your metabolism

Caffeine increases the level of circulating fatty acids. This has been shown to increase the oxidation of these fuels, hence enhancing fat oxidation. Caffeine has been used for years by runners and endurance people to enhance fatty acid metabolism. It's particularly effective in those who are not habitual users.

Caffeine is not an appetite suppressant. It does affect metabolism, though it is a good question whether its use truly makes any difference during a diet. The questionable rationale for its original inclusion in diet pills was to make a poor man's amphetamine-like preparation from the non-stimulant sympathomimetic phenylpropanolamine and the stimulant caffeine. (That you end up with something very non-amphetamine like is neither here nor there.) The combination drugs were called "Dexatrim" or Dexa-whosis (as in Dexedrine) for a reason, namely, to assert its similarity in the minds of prospective buyers. However, caffeine has not been in OTC diet pills for many years per order of the FDA, which stated that there was no evidence of efficacy for such a combination.

From Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics:

Caffeine in combination with an analgesic, such as aspirin, is widely used in the treatment of ordinary types of headache. There are few data to substantiate its efficacy for this purpose. Caffeine is also used in combination with an ergot alkaloid in the treatment of migrane (Chapter 39).

Ergotamine is usually administered orally (in combination with caffeine) or sublingually [...] If a patient cannot tolerate ergotamine orally, rectal administration of a mixture of caffeine and ergotamine tartarate may be attempted.

The bioavailability [of ergotamine] after sublingual administration is also poor and is often inadequate for therapeutic purposes [...] the concurrent administration of caffeine (50-100 mg per mg of ergotamine) improves both the rate and extent of absorption [...] However, there is little correspondence between the concentration of ergotamine in plasma and the intensity or duration of therapeutic or toxic effects.

Caffeine enhances the action of the ergot alkaloids in the treatment of migrane, a discovery that must be credited to the sufferers from the disease who observed that strong coffee gave symptomatic relief, especially when combined with the ergot alkaloids. As mentioned, caffeine increases the oral and rectal absorption of ergotamine, and it is widely believed that this accounts for its enhancement of therapeutic effects.

Nowadays most of researchers believe that the stimulatory actions are attributable to the antagonism of the adenosine. Agonists at the adenosine receptors produce sedation while antagonists at these sites, like caffeine and theophylline induce stimulation, and what is even more important, the latter substance also reverse agonists-induced symptoms of sedation, thus indicating that this effects go through these receptors.

Another possibility, however, is that methylxanthines enhance release of excitatory aminoacids, like glutamate and aspartate, which are the main stimulatory neurotransmitters in the brain.

As to the side effects: methylxanthines inhibit protective activity of common antiepileptic drugs in exptl. animals in doses comparable to those used in humans when correction to the surface area is made. It should be underlined, that although tolerance develop to the stimulatory effects of theo or caffeine when administered on a chronic base, we found no tolerance to the above effects . This hazardous influence was even enhanced over time. Therefore, it should be emphasized that individuals suffering from epilepsy should avoid, or at least reduce consumption of coffee and other caffeine-containing beverages.



Coffee is a natural diuretic Hence the reason it can cause weight lose. but adding creamer and suger will counter act the losing process and your body will feed off the sugars in the creamer and ofcourse sugar. Coffee aslo helps the heart rebuild itsself. I love the healing properties it causes. For all you doubters try it for one month at least drink 4 cups a day black coffee and tell me your heart and body doesnt feel better make sure you have your recomended water intake. Hydrate for the lose of fluids from the diaretic Thank you have fun in this journey and you could lose a massive ammount of weight with Black coffee and excersice and plenty of water to reduce the water weight. Love it


It will take some time for your body to re-adjust to having no caffeine after about 3 days to a week you should be back to normal…increase your fiber intake (lots of fruit) and as for tiredness you can take naps or just battle through it. I did a caffeine detox and wrote about it here to reset my caffeine clock so to speak, now I only have coffee a few times a week and it works great.

I've been eating less for the

I've been eating less for the past month.. but isee no change in my oants size.. i lost 9 pounds.. but i want to lose more wight in less time.. my goal is to lose 10 more pounds.. if i cut junk and eat lass carbs with a lot of black coffee would that do? can i lose 10 pounds by just doing this? i'm a smoker and i drink 2-3 mugs of black coffee per day..

i would have cut the junk b4

i would have cut the junk b4 eating less. but cutting food intake so much your losing muscle weight thats why your dropping weight and not pant size


My advice to you is to not over do it because you will end up hurting yourself more in the process. I don't care if you lose 1-2 pounds at a time... eventually you'll hit your 10 pounds mark. Just take it real slow so that the organism has time to acknowledge all the changes.

Caffeine and your metabolism

Excess of every thing is bad. Any how i used to take some pills of Caffeine during my microsoft tests. Due to this i got good response to achieve my task. But after it i have to leave due to some excess metabolic wastes in my body.

I have never liked coffee too

I have never liked coffee too much, I mean, I don't smoke and I'm not one of those maniacs that can't get out of bed without a cup of coffee in their hands. After reading the last online merchant reviews here: {edited}, coffee ain't that expensive but after drinking a small cup I feel that I've run out of calcium!

Needs to cite source

On caffeine *not* being an appetite suppressant. A quick google, and pretty much every link you click contradicts that...

I dont think caffeine

I dont think caffeine suppresses your appetite as well as drinking lots of water.

And drinking coffee to suppress appetite is not a good idea. And it is not very effective for the cause of dieting. You feel full temporarily from the increase of your glucose levels in your blood. But your blood sugar levels will drop sharply, leading to a painful realization that you need another cup of Joe. Your glucose levels are maintained by insulin. Your body will regulate this unless you are a diabetic.

Also coffee and most caffeinated drinks have ALOT of sugar in it. The sugar that you do not use to function will be stored as FAT all over your body.

Coffee only has a lot of

Coffee only has a lot of sugar if you add it to the drink.  Also you can use steva which is derived from and herb, which helps to control Blood sugar.  So add Stevia and no cream and coffee is great for dieting.  But Water is very important as well.  Lots of Water on any diet.  It helps with digestion, hydrations and mobilizing toxins.

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